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NATO-Russia: History of relationships within fulfillment of cooperation practical measures at sea

MIKHLIN Aleksandr, MOLOCHNY Vyacheslav, BALANDIN Vladislav

A complicated way of NATO - Russia relations development is analysed in the historical retrospect and at the current stage, a uniform system key tendencies in and around the international terrorism as one of the integral parts of new challenges and threats of the day are analysed, practical activities within the NATO - Russia cooperation against new challenges and threats at sea are reviewed.

Aerospace Forces of Russia state analysis. Prospects for development


Examining the brief history of the modernized created system of the Aerospace Defence of Russia, being reviewed the composition, structure and functional tasks, undertaken by structural Air Defence-ABM Defence elements of the Aerospace Forces, being proposed main development directions of their unmanned control systems, radar equipment and special weapons.

Modern methods of the Aerospace, Air Defence of objects and perspective directions of development


A classification of modern methods of the Aerospace Defence of objects is given, forms of the immediate Air Defence of objects at tactical level are summerized, promising directions of development are provided.

Some aspects of Airborne Forces employment in Russian Arctic


Forms of employment and methods of action of Airborne Forces joint as well as separate formations in the Russian Arctic are discussed.

Geoinformation technologies in Intelligent decision support system during reflection of chemical and biological attacks


It is analyzed the experience of the Intelligent decision support system creation to address chemical and biological threats, including tactical and operational levels of command.

Assessing ways to organize unmanned aerial vehicles formations control in manned aviation combat employment supporting

ANANYEV Aleksandr, PETRENKO Sergey, FILATOV Sergey

Ways of organization of short range flight unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) formations control in manned aviation combat employment supporting are assessed. Based on the produced analysis functional models and the algorithm of the immediate control organization for unmanned aerial vehicles formations when preparing and combat missions carrying out in the interest of tactical and army aviation formations (units).

Directions of effectiveness increasing of Land Force Air Defence formations combat actions control


Based on the analysis of main factors affecting Land Force Air Defence formations combat actions, the article proposes main directions for increasing of control tasks fulfillment efficiency.

Servicemen’ psychological readiness: problems and forming ways


The problems of servicemen’ psychological readiness forming are analyzed under modern conditions. The opinions of some military leaders of the readiness structure and its psychological features are discussed. The author’s approach to psychological readiness identification in its meaningful context is proposed. The main ways of servicemen’ psychological readiness further improvement are indentified towards its direct purpose.

Social functions of religions faith within moral and psychological support of servicemen


The religions faith is examined in the light of its social functions, as a factor of the servicemen’s moral and psychological state strengthening. The need for the religious education is theoretically based in the framework of the unit commander assistant for working with believers activities.

Space systems in new safety environment


The article analyses the objects of destruction, dynamism in creation of space systems, dialectic of protection and technologies, also their legal background and the development of that potential is possible.

Conceptual approaches to modeling of special purpose subsystems of single information space

NOSOV Mikhail, KARGANOV Vitaly

Methodological approaches to modeling of special purpose subsystems of single information space are proposed. The current technical, technological and scientific data in the area of the information resources synthesis for the unmanned special purpose subsystems are submitted.

Application of digital terrain models for clarification of military purposes facilities location


The problem of the application of digital terrain models for the clarification of the military purposes facilities location is discussed.

Role and position of Emperor Alexander III in fleet modernization and improvement

ISLYAYEV Sergey, KOZLOV Aleksandr

The issues are discussed relating to the activities of the Emperor Alexander III, who was unjustly forgotten and underrated in the Soviet era on ideological grounds. The range of activities of the Emperor Alexander III is analyzed in specific aspect - designed to Naval Works, Navy control reform, introduction of new types of weapon and military equipment in the navy. The role of the Emperor Alexander III is shown in adoption of program of the state naval power building, needed for the development of the shipbuilding industry, building of new type ships, ports and maritime fortresses.

Automobile units and subunits of Russian Army in World War I: perfection of organization structure and establishment

SEDOV Gennady, SHEYIN Igor

There are analyzed the archive sources and historical documents, history of automobile units and subunits of the Russian Army organization structure and control during WWI.

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