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Peer-reviewed scientific magazine “Journal of Applied Informatics”Publisher: Moscow University for Industry and Finance SynergyPublished since 2006, frequency — 6 issues per yearISSN 1993– 8314 “Journal of Applied Informatics” is the successor to the science collection of the same title, published by “Finance and statistics” since 1981.The journal is a peer-reviewed publication with international representation of editorial board and authors, covering a significant part of Russian IT-area. Since 2006 the journal has been among the founders of a number of international and nationwide conferences, providing information support to the organizing committees of such events. The topics of the publications are mainly connected to the aspects of theory and application of computer modeling and information technologies in various professional areas.The journal is mostly directed towards representatives of the academic community: researchers, professors, PhD and graduate students, those who are interested in methods and applications of computer science as well as practical specialists involved in IT-sphere. The content of the journal covers various directions of scientific research and practical projects in this area and includes the main following topics:IT - business (technics and methods of research in various business areas)IT - Management (production process organization issues)IT ingovernmen tprogramsIT and educationPreparation of IT-specialists (computer science as an academic disciplene)E-learning (computer science as a tool for organizing the learning process)IT in the natura lsciencesTools (materials with a focus on the technology of software development)In teaching portfolio (teaching materials and methodical nature)Point of view (discussion papers)Specialty history (materials of this column will be particularly useful for young professionals)Laboratory (any descriptions of the computer models which are at a stage of pre-production operation)According to the decision of the Presidium of Supreme Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation No.6 dated February 19, 2010, “Journal of Applied Informatics” is included in the List of Leading Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals and Publications authorized to publish main dissertation results.The negotiations are currently being held on the inclusion of “Journal of Applied Informatics” into the largest and authoritative international science databases. The indexing will provide international recognition of the journal which will significantly increase the number of subscribers and authors.The Journal is already indexed by:Russian Science Citation Index on Web of Science platformVINITI Database of Russian Academy of ScienceUlrich’s Periodical Directory (Bowker, USA).

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