• Publisher Открытое акционерное общество Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт организации, управления и экономики нефтегазовой промышленности
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The Journal publishes article containing information about the latest achievements in the field of perfection of development systems of oil and gas-oil fields, techniques and technologies of oil and oil gas production both on land and offshore, methods of stimulation of a formation and a bottom-hole zone aimed at oil extraction intensification and oil recovery enhancement (formation waters pumping, steam carriers, various water-soluble polymers and hydrocarbon solvents, etc.), methods of oil production using horizontal wells.The Journal publishes articles considering activities aimed at perfection of wells’ fund usage, problems in relation to technique and technology of major and minor well repair wells’ operation in conditions of progressing water-flooding. Articles published in the Journal describe methods and means applied for prevention of oilfield equipment corrosion and protection of environmental objects, prevention of salts and asphalt-resin-paraffin sediments occurrence while wells’ operation, modern state and prospects for chemical reagents usage in oil industry, contemporary, most economically efficient technical equipment and technologies used for gathering, transportation and preparation of oil, gas and water at oil and gas fields as well as oil gas processing at gas-processing plants.The Journal publishes information reflecting modern state and tendencies of development of oilfield construction, power supply of enterprises, efficiency of new construction materials, organizational and technological peculiarities of designing and construction of oilfield objects in complicated natural and climatic conditions. Brief statistical data on oil and gas production in foreign countries and other essential problems of oil and gas industry development abroad are presented as well. Technical and technological problems are followed by the problems of re-organization of home oil and gas industry in compliance with the contemporary conditions of market economy, survival of industrial enterprises and science state. The Journal publishes information showing ways of increasing of oil and gas production, cooperation with foreign companies and problems of oil business.The Journal widely reflects informational material of exhibitions, conferences and scientific-technical meetings, publishes prospects and advertisements of new equipment and technology as well as patents and inventions.

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