International Journal of Cultural Research is an innovative project designed to provide full access to current cultural studies and a new type of scientific discourse that by-passes barriers traditionally dividing humanitarian and social science research from the natural sciences. The project goal is to enhance and promote the development of the modern theory of culture, to establish the basis and protocol of trans-disciplinary communications, and to offer a mechanism for renewing and generating such communications.International Journal of Cultural Research consists of two different, although integrated components: a traditional journal (‘the academic core’), in which scientific and critical articles, analytical studies, reviews, and translations are published; and an innovative on-line publication (‘the interactive periphery’), containing a wide range of analyses from various sources. An important part of the project is to establish and maintain regular dialogue, discussion, and information-sharing by means of internet sharing.The main objective of the project is to provide a venue for intensive academic exchange in the realm of culture(s) between Russian and international audiences. The aim is to establish interdisciplinary connections between researchers operating in the framework of Russian cultural studies and in international frameworks. It is intended to involve well-known experts in different fields to conduct thematic issues of the journal, as guest editors.

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