Indicator of the originality of analytical thinking

Shepel V.M.

Analytical thinking is improved in the process of professional activity. At the same time, the change of labor is important not only for the physiological significance for the functioning of the human body, but also for the effective mental activity of a specialist. In General, the more creative the mental activity of people, the more they need a variety of analytical activities in the genre.

A few comments about the relevance of the "Ark project"

Stroev S.A.

The article lists and describes various examples of projects, in one way or another consonant and similar to various modules developed and presented by us in the previously published works of the project "Ark". In particular, the article describes the experience of conversion of rocket mines into residential underground" multi-apartment " bunkers in the United States and nuclear bunkers in the mountains of Switzerland in the storage ofmaterial values and data centers. The experience of the "Swiss DNA Bank" with its concept of eternal preservation of DNA and "trace" of personality in the form of memories, photo, audio and video recordings and recordedlife experience, as well as the project of the Norwegian data Bank - "doomsday storage" in the permafrost onSvalbard. The latest developments of "eternal" data carriers based on quartz glass and the prospects of their usefor storing large amounts of data are discussed. On the basis of generalization of world experience the conclusionabout relevance of the Ark project and about existence of potential demand for it, and also about its practical feasibility and realism is drawn. There is an invitation to cooperation for the practical implementation of the project with a description of what its developers are ready to offer on their part, and what they need from potential partners.

Statistics on sanitary and mycological studies of feed in the Tyumen region

Drobyshevsky S.V.

The article provides information and statistical studies of feeds in the Tyumen region, received bythe State Technical University "Tyumen Regional Veterinary Laboratory" for sanitary-mycological research. Thetotal number of feeds received during the period 2012-2016 is noted, the number and nature of the studies conducted, their results, as well as a comparison of the data obtained for all the years of the study. The results obtained can give an idea of the present state of the quality of fodder products in the Tyumen region.

Futurological vector of socio-economic transformations in Russia

Shepel V.M.

Article - the genre of science futurological reflection. It proposes to complete the confrontation between the supporters of capitalism and communism and combine scientific efforts to develop criteria for the creation of a society in which a civilized way of life prevails.

The modules "memory Capsule" and "Guardian" in the General structure of the project "The Ark"

Stroev S.A.

The article describes two modules of the project "Ark" associated with the idea of eternal storage, respectively, material artifacts and digital information. The first Chapter describes the module "memory Capsule", designed as a means of realization and satisfaction of the human need for immortality or at least some involvement in immortality and eternity. The main target groups of potential users and buyers of the proposed service are listed, the specifics of their needs and interests are discussed, the idea of a "perpetual financial engine" as a method of financing the perpetual storage service that does not require additional funds in addition to a single contribution is described. Discussed the possibility of monitoring the safety and integrity devised for permanent storage of objects and related legal issues, such as the question of the subject of the right of ownership. The topic of gaining "corporate sovereignty", at least limited, as an important condition for self-organization and the formation of collective subjectivity and the establishment of their own rules of life. The second Chapter describes the module "Keeper" as a digital ("virtual") analogue of temporary or indefinite ("eternal") storage of material objects. The main factors of damage and loss of digital information, as well as methods and approaches to minimize and eliminate such risks are noted. The main directions of development in the issue of improving the reliability of information storage and the main tasks for the further development of the problem.

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