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Bulletin of Siberian Medicine is a scientific-practical journal of general medical profile. It is a regular peer-reviewed print publication representing results of interdisciplinary researches aimed at development of advanced medical technologies.Bulletin of Siberian Medicine is published by Siberian State Medical University since 2001.Editor-in-Chief — V.V. Novitskii, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.Bulletin of Siberian Medicine is registered with Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs of the Press, Television and Radio Broadcasting and Mass Communication Media.Certificate No. 77-7366 dated to 26.03.2001.ISSN 1682-0363Bulletin of Siberian Medicine is included inList of Periodic Scientific and Scientific-Technical Publications of the Russian Federation, which are recommended for publication of main results of doctor’s and candidate’s theses (List of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles).Abstracts Databases of All-Russia Institute of Scientific and Technical Information.Ulrichs Periodicals Directory – Global Serials Directory.Russian Science Citation Index Database of Scientific Electronic Library.RSCI; Science Index.Cyberleninka.DIRECTORY OF OPEN ACCESS JORNALS.WoS (ESCI) in 2016. Continuing traditions of first medical journals, Bulletin of Siberian Medicine publishes lectures and reviews of leading specialists devoted to problems of public health, materials of original studies in the fields of experimental and clinical medicine, as well as biographic and medical-history materials.Bulletin of Siberian Medicine publishes original research papers, lecturers, and scientific reviews representing results of studies in various fields of medicine with the emphasis on manuscripts dealing with prospective lines of development of the up-to-date medical science:Molecular medicineRegenerative medicine and bioengineeringInformative technologies in biology and medicineInvasive medical technologiesNeurosciences and behavioral medicinePharmacology and innovative pharmaceuticsNuclear medicineTranslational medicine.Material to be published should meet the following criteria:Scientific urgency and significance of the problem, the paper is devoted to (the paper subject should be interesting to a wide range of investigators dealing with development and clinical testing of new medical technologies).Degree of proof (up-to-date research basis, certified equipment, sufficient sample size, and approaches to mathematical processing of results).Conceptual character of the study (authors should not restrict the consideration to only statement of facts, but manuscript should include analysis of obtained material with allowance for literature data, and new ideas and hypotheses should be made).Bulletin of Siberian Medicine does not publish papers of review and medical-statistical character without critical analysis of the problem under consideration, which do not reflect the contribution of authors to the analyzed problem.Post-graduate students can publish manuscripts free of charge.Bulletin of Siberian Medicine is sent out to Russian and foreign medical institutes and universities, research institutes and libraries.Circulation is 500 copies with periodicity of 4 issues a year.Subscription index is 46319.Bulletin of Siberian Medicine has an electronic version: http://bulletin.ssmu.ruEditorial Board of Bulletin of Siberian Medicine will be glad to cooperate with everybody interested in development of medical science and practice, as well as healthy lifestyle.Editorial Board does not accept research-practical manuscripts published earlier in other journals.All manuscripts received by the Editorial Board of Bulletin of Siberian Medicine are processed without delay and, in case of positive review and editors’ decision, published within one year.Address of Editorial Board: 107 Lenina St., Tomsk 634050, RussiaTelephone (+7-3822) 51-41-53, е-mail: bulletin@bulletin.tomsk.ruManaging Editor — Elena Mikhailovna Kharitonova

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