Features of dental occlusion in children residing in the area of endemic fluorosis

Abramova M.Ya., Griroryeva O.Sh.

The oral examination of children living in region with high level of fluorides in drinking water was performed. The prevalence and the structure of malocclusion in children with different forms of dental fluorosis were revealed.

Manifestation of dental fluorosis in 12-year-old children living in Lyubertsy district of Moscow region

Abramova M.Ya., Grigoryeva O.Sh.

The results of dental examination of children living in Lyubertsy district of Moscow region with a high content of fluoride in drinking water indicates that the prevalence of dental fluorosis among 12-year-olds is 70.7% and the spotted form of the disease predominates.

Comparison of the maintenance periodontal therapy effectiveness in patients with dental implants

Averyanov S.V., Gulyaeva O.A., Yakupov B.A.

The data indicate that the inclusion of both air polishing with glycine powder and injection of autologous platelet plasma in the complex of supporting periodontal therapy contributes to the prevention of complications after dental implantation.

The use of dental film for treatment of oral mucosa lesions

Averyanov S.V., Khayrzamanova K.A.

Treatment of malocclusion with the help of fixed orthodontic technique often leads to traumatic lesions of the oral mucosa. The development of a dosage form for the treatment of traumatic lesions is an urgent task of orthodontics. The optimal composition of the film on the basis of medicinal plants with high therapeutic activity is developed.

Dental implantation in patients after radiation and chemotherapy

Bazikyan E.A., Volozhin G.A., Arishkova V.V.

The objective of the research is to identify opportunities of dental implantation in patients after radiation and chemotherapy. Effectiveness of the treatment estimated using objective, subjective and laboratory results. The results of the research improve the quality of dental rehabilitation of patients after oral cancer treatment.

The results of clinical application of tissue engineering composition and both leukocytes and platelets rich fibrin

Bazikyan E.A., Tarba I.I., Volozhin G.A.

This article presents the possibilities of clinical application of tissue engineering design, which includes leukocytes and platelets rich fibrin and octacalcium phosphate. Implantation of tissue-engineering bone graft for the replacement of bone tissue deficiency is one of the promising effective methods in reconstructive surgery.

Prevention of oral mucosal cancer in patients with erosive and ulcerative forms of lichen planus

Vasyukova O.M., Maximovskaya L.N., Abramova M.Ya., Yermakova E.A.

The examination of mucous membrane has been conducted in patients. The study shows that the lichen planus is a polyethiologic disease requiring compliance with principles of oncologic alarm and carrying out complex, individualized and well-founded treatment.

Prevention of secondary dentoalveolar deformations in children

Vodolatskij V.M., Pavlov A.A.

The results of the study show that only timely orthodontic treatment of children with the use of removable devices during the first two months after the premature loss of teeth made it possible to restore chewing efficiency and to prevent the development of secondary dentoalveolar deformations.

The effectiveness of treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases in children with the use of the phytocomplex in the form of a dental gel

Garaeva K.L., Averyanov S.V.

The high prevalence of periodontal diseases in children leads to the search for agents that have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, wound healing and immunostimulating action. The study shows that the use of dental gel containing sangviritrin and oil extract of both calendula flowers and yarrow herb is effective for treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases in children.

The evaluation of 3D Smile aligners orthodontic treatment effectiveness

Gvozdeva L.M., Danilova M.A., Aleksandrova L.I.

The evaluation of individual cosmetic results with the use of PAR-index confirms the effectiveness of 3D Smile aligners orthodontic treatment. This treatment allows the 3D Smile patients to finish orthodontic treatment faster than patients with edgewise appliance.

Analysis of acute odontogenic inflammatory diseases of maxillofacial area in children and possible ways of prevention (based on the data of Nizhny Novgorod Region Children''s Clinical Hospital Department of Maxillofacial Surgery)

Glyavina I.A., Durnovo E.A., Parshikova S.A., Kosyuga S.Yu.

Currently, an increase of the frequency of acute odontogenic inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial area observed among the children's population. The acute periostitis and exacerbations of chronic periodontitis are the most popular. The parents teaching to the rules of rational nutrition and individual oral hygiene becomes an actual task not only for dentists, but also for pediatricians.

Social and economic predictors of oral health in children with psychoneurological pathology

Gulenko O.V.

A reliable relationship between the prevalence of main oral diseases, the oral hygiene level and social and economic parameters in the families of children with psychoneurological disorders was established. Social and economic characteristics of families have a significant effect on the oral health of children, which allows them to be considered as predictors of oral health in children with psychoneurological pathology.

The evaluation of early prosthodontic treatment effectiveness in children with congenital cleft lip and palate

Danilova M.A., Aleksandrova L.I.

The systematic study of jaw models confirms the effectiveness of early preoperative prosthodontic treatment in children with congenital cleft lip and palate. This therapy helps to eliminate anatomical disorders, which allows doctors to provide medical and social rehabilitation of children in preschool age.

The features of bone tissue metabolism in women of different age periods during dental implantation

Durnovo E.A., Shalenkova I.V.

The early diagnosis of bone metabolism disorders while performing dental surgical procedure in women with hormonal changes has not been completed yet. It is necessary to increase the spectrum of the examination methods in women for effective estimation of bone tissue functional condition during dental implantation.

The use of different immobilization methods in fractures of the lower jaw

Erokhina N.L., Bakhteeva G.R., Sanin S.K., Penzina D.E.

The analysis of medical cards and examination of patients with fractures of the lower jaw shows that prosthodontic methods of fixing fragments were used more often, surgical methods were more rarely used. The localization of the fracture in the area of the angle and the articular process of the lower jaw was the most frequent indication for surgical treatment.

Diagnostic value of burning mouth syndrome predictors

Zhulev E.N., Saperkin N.V., Tiunova N.V., Zhdanova M.L.

The value of diagnostic predictors of burning mouth syndrome was evaluated in the case-control study. We analyzed data by unvaried and logistic regression, the model was internally validated. Age, male sex and comorbidities were significantly associated with probability of the syndrome in individuals suspected on it. The limitations of our model could be small sample size, a limited number of potential predictors which are available from the routine medical files, and usage of categorical variables for some factors of interest.

Subjective need for orthodontic treatment according to interview results

Zubareva A.V., Averyanov S.V.

Aesthetic dental treatment plays a key role in strengthening the sense of well-being, emotional stability and success at work as well as in relationships with others. A high need for orthodontic care among respondents was determined. The results show the high importance of aesthetics in self-perception and relations in society.

On the streaming integrative nature of the prosthodontic care quality (statistical analysis of the work of the Rostov-on-Don dental clinic in 2008-2017)

Ivanov A.S., Khudonogov I.Yu., Chumayan A.D.

The authors performed a medical and statistical study of the prosthodontic treatment effectiveness in 2008-2017. The quality of treatment was viewed as an integrative dynamic characteristic. The new approach made it possible to objectively establish that the quality of prosthodontic care increased by an average of 6% per year for the studied period by the criterion of the crowns removing frequency.

The oral health of schoolchildren in the industrial city

Isaeva A.I., Averyanov S.V., Zigitbaev R.N., Ischakov I.R.

The assessment of characteristics of physical development, the general and oral health among schoolchildren of Ufa was performed. The analysis of the data indicates on the need to modernize existing prevention programs for organized groups of the population.

Correction possibility of nasolabial complex profile in patients with distal occlusion

Konkova A.M., Danilova M.A., Ishmurzin P.V.

The analysis of lateral teleroentgenogram in patients with distal occlusion was carried out. The correlation between the lip contour and the dento-alveolar parameters of facial skeleton was determined. The closest correlating relationship was revealed between incisors inclination of jaws, lower face height and type of facial skeleton.

Features of gastrointestinal pathology’s manifestations on the oral mucosa in children

Kosyuga S.Yu., Voinova S.O.

Gastrointestinal diseases have manifestations on the oral mucosa and the red border of lips, which can be used as a reliable criterion for early diagnosis of the digestive tract pathology in children and adolescents.

Some indicators of oral diseases in patients with consequences of perinatal affection of the central nervous system

Kosyuga S.Yu., Osinkina Ya.M.

The formation of oral health in patients with the effects of perinatal affection of the central nervous system and the introduction of a comprehensive program for the prevention and treatment of oral diseases in this category of people are among the topical problems of dentistry and require an adequate solution.

Possibilities of the Componeer system use in patients with esthetical defects of frontal teeth

Krikheli N.I., Markova G.B., Allik E.L., Alyabyev A.Yu.

The restoration of frontal teeth in patients using the Componeer (Coltene/Whaledent) system was made. The clinical results of the study permit to recommend it as a serious alternative for indirect method of dental restoration.

Situative emotional state of patients in clinic of prosthodontic dentistry and its correction

Kuropatova L.A., Madzhidova E.R., Malakhov D.V.

According to the findings, 50% patients in clinic of prosthodontic dentistry have emotional instability that influence on the threshold of pain sensitivity. Diagnosis of their emotional state allows lowering risk occurrence of local and system complications in patients.

Evaluation of the biological activity of calcium nanoparticles for tooth preserving operations (experimental study)

Lepilin A.V., Borodulin V.B., Nadeev A.M.

An experimental evaluation of the biological effect of CaO and CaO nanoparticles with the content of selenium particles showed that animals of the experimental group didn't have significant changes in the biochemical parameters of the blood compared to the control group, that indicated a low toxicity of calcium oxide nanoparticles. A greater toxic effect of smaller nanoparticles compared to larger ones was revealed.

Features of the oral health in patients with inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial area in Saratov

Lepilin A.V., Gasratov A.Yu., Torgashina M.E., Alexandrova M.A.

Based on the data, the most common causes of patients' treatment subject to age and gender were indicated. The development of inflammatory complications of dental caries is facilitated by psychological and social reasons, as well as the lack of dental caries prevention.

Clinical and x-ray assessment of the effectiveness of the photoactivative method of disinfection

Lopanov N.V.

Clinical and x-ray assessment in patients with chronical apical periodontitis has been performed. The significant data indicates on the effectiveness of the photoactivative method of disinfection with the use of Lazurit-L device in endodontic treatment.

Methods of physiotherapy used in patients with diseases of the maxillofacial area

Lepilin A.V., Krivchikova A.S., Bakhteeva G.R., Savelyeva S.S.

According to the data, physiotherapeutic treatment was prescribed more often for patients with inflammatory diseases and traumatic injuries of the maxillofacial region. It was also revealed that UHF-therapy and magnetotherapy were used in most clinical cases.

Possibilities for screening of optional precancers of oral mucosa

Maksimovskaya L.N., Abramova M.Ya., Alekseeva A.A., Khlanta A.S.

Early diagnosis of oral cancer, screening and monitoring are becoming increasingly relevant. Oncologic screening is a massive method of examining patients to identify precancerous signs at different stages. The use of autofluorescence method for the detection of precancerous diseases of oral mucosa is substantiated in this study.

Features of clinical manifestations of malignancy for precancerous diseases of oral mucosa and red border

Maksimovskaya L.N., Abramova M.Ya., Badalyan G.D., Bayramov E.E.

Precancerous diseases are the actual problems of modern theoretical and practical medicine. Therefore, timely diagnosis of this group of diseases is the main link in the prevention of cancer. The article dwells on risk factors, clinical signs and manifestations of malignancy for precancerous diseases of oral mucosa and red border.

The use of autofluorescence stomatoscopy for screening of precancerous lesions of oral mucosa and red border

Maksimovskaya L.N., Abramova M.Ya., Bobr I.S., Matsepuro K.A.

Early diagnosis and treatment of precancerous diseases of oral mucosa and red border eliminates the threat of malignancy. Oncologic screening is a massive method of examining patients. The algorithm of autofluorescence method for the detection of precancerous diseases of oral mucosa is presented in this study.

Features of practical training of dentists for the implementation of the state program for screening of cancer and precancerous diseases of the oral mucosa

Maksimovskaya L.N., Abramova M.Ya., Matsepuro K.A., Bobr I.S.

The main objective of training programs is the formation of oncological care in doctors’ minds of any specialization, which will increase the level of cancer diagnosis in the early stages of the disease. The autofluorescence method for the detection of precancerous diseases of the oral mucosa is presented in this study.

The assessment of bond strength between composite restoration and dental enamel and dentine after air-abrasive method of teeth preparation

Maximovskaya L.N., Sitdikova I.V.

The air-abrasive preparation of the teeth is an effective method. It provides the bond strength between composite restoration and dental enamel similar to the diamond burs commonly used for teeth preparation and it is statistically higher in dentine preparation.

Prevalence of self-reported dental hypersensitivity in 11-17-years-old children

Maslak E.E., Khmisova T.G., Afonina I.V., Kamennova T.N.

The questioning of children aged 11-17 years was organized during schoolchildren’s checkups. The majority of the children reported dental hypersensitivity. Dental hypersensitivity was more typical in response to thermal stimuli than to chemical or mechanical/tactile stimuli. Consumption of sweet carbonated drinks, tooth brushing more than twice a day and tooth powder use may be associated with dental hypersensitivity.

Clinical investigation of the involutive changes of root canals in distal teeth of senior patients

Matsepuro K.A.

Several involutive changes of root canals were revealed in different teeth of senior patients. It should be taken into consideration when endodontic treatment is planned. It is reasonable to use cone-ray computer tomography on the diagnostic stage in these patients as the most effective method of X-ray diagnostics.

Pathogenic treatment characteristics of distal occlusion with mandibular retrognathia

Megrabyan O.A., Danilova M.A., Ishmurzin P.V., Alekseev E.V.

The treatment protocols for the correction of the distal occlusion associated with mandibular micro-and retrognathia in the facial skeleton incomplete growth period were suggested. The choice of treatment protocol depended on ANB angle size, facial skeleton type, overjet size and stage of cervical vertebrae formation.

The structure of maxillofacial diseases in the surgery department of State clinical hospital №9 in Saratov

Medzhidov M.M., Rogatina T.V., Savelyeva S.S., Derevyanchenko I.A.

The work of the maxillofacial surgery department for the period from 2013 to 2017 was analyzed. An increase in the number of patients with inflammatory diseases who were on hospital treatment was revealed. There was a tendency to reduce the prevalence of injuries. The number of patients with tumors of the maxillofacial area did not change significantly.

Oral health status of patients with diabetes mellitus

Mironov A.Yu., Erokina N.L., Zakharova N.B., Chobitko V.G.

The DMF index and periodontal index have been evaluated in patients with type 2 diabetes across various age groups. The study has established a direct correlation between the severity of periodontal disease, the DMF index and both the patients’ age and duration of diabetes.

Optimization of treatment protocol in patients with adentia in the distal part of upper jaw

Mudrakouskaya A.A., Malik M.V.

According to the data, the maximal height of alveolar crest bone under the base of maxillary sinus is less than 5 mm in the majority of patients and does not depend on the age. The distance between the middle of nasal wing and the medial wall of maxillary sinus is less in the male group and more in female patients. It is recommended to use the protocol of angular implants placement without sinus augmentation in female patients with loss of teeth in the distal parts of upper jaw.

Change of salivary cortisol level in children of early and preschool age in response to stress at dental treatment

Osokina A.S., Maslak E.E., Yakovlev A.T.

Cortisol level in saliva was studied before and after caries treatment in primary teeth of 45 anxious children aged 18-83 months. In the children of 18-47 months old both conventional invasive and conservative non-invasive methods of caries treatment led to the significant increase of the salivary cortisol level. In the children aged 4883 months non-invasive caries treatment showed significant decrease of the salivary cortisol level, though invasive treatment did not. So, conservative caries treatment lowered stress level in the anxious children only in preschool age.

Quality improvement of dental service for children

Panchenko M.L., Dyachenko T.S., Maslak E.E.

Quality of dental service for children was assessed during the medical records expertise in a dental clinic in 2015. Measures for dental service quality improvement were developed and applied. Broad discussion of the identified quality defects was arranged at the level of the dental clinic and the region. Specific management decisions were made and reassessment was performed in 2017. It was revealed that the frequency of dental service quality defects decreased significantly by 1.4 times.

Analysis of “osstem” dental implants application

Parfenov A.K., Erokina N.L., Rogatina T.V., Parfenova S.V.

It became evident that the size of dental implants depended on the anatomical conditions and individual characteristics of the patient. Dental implants were placed more often in the area of molars and premolars; the average size of implants was the most demanded.

Fluoride concentration in drinking water supply in Arkhangelsk region

Pastbin M.Yu., Bondarenko S.A., Kharkova O.A.

Fluoride concentration data were collected from 16 districts and 6 cities of Arkhangelsk region during 2016-2017 years. The data analysis showed a low level of fluoride in drinking water supply that could explain a high level of dental caries among children population.

Suppression of increased emetic reflex during dental treatment

Petrov P.I., Averyanov S.V., Ibragimova I.F.

As observed in previous studies, some individuals show an increased emetic reflex during dental treatment. The aim of the investigation was to study the suppression of the increased emetic reflex by temporal tapping. The study showed that the use of temporal tapping in patients with increased emetic reflex had a pronounced antiemetic effect among the majority of the examined subjects.

The possibility of autofluorescent stomatoscopy application on the outpatient reception

Pozdnyakova T.I., Markova G.B., Markov B.P., Kudina M.O.

The positive results of precancerous conditions treatment are closely related to the improvement of early diagnosis, which is based on oncologic alarm of doctors. The study substantiates the use of autofluorescent stomatoscopy as a new promising method of oncoscreening in dentistry.

Impact of the oral hygiene level on the effectiveness of home teeth whitening

Ravinskaya A.A., Ravinskaya A.S.

The research is focused on the relation between the level of oral hygiene and home whitening. By two-stepped questioning of patients and the clinical study of three types of whitening systems the following conclusion was made: most of the participants could not detect the right level of their oral hygiene; the most effective whitening system is one with the whitening gel and teeth protector; making professional oral hygiene before the whitening procedure and increasing the level of personal awareness of oral health maintenance improve the quality of the home whitening and prolong it’s effect.

Preventive measures of tooth decay and non-carious lesions among youths connected with the variance of PH level in oral cavity

Ravinskaya A.A., Ravinskaya A.S.

The research shows a correlation between the student’s diet and the prevalence of tooth decay and non-carious lesions that has been proved by a clinical study and a questioning. Different methods of preventative medicine were provided in order to stabilize the pH level in oral cavity after a food intake.

Consequences of trauma of permanent and temporary incisors in children

Rinas O.A., Kiseleva E.A., Kostricin A.G., Sergeeva M.V.

The dental trauma at stages of root formation leads to infringements of root formation, destructions of a growth zone, tooth loss or stops the development of a root, not having reached normal length. It is necessary to consider these consequences of dental trauma of both permanent and temporary teeth to appoint timely therapy and prosthodontic treatment.

Experience in the use of titanium silk in surgical dentistry

Savelyeva S.S., Mukhina N.M., Fedorov S.A., Samedov D.A.

The use of titanium silk in a patient with a significant atrophy of the alveolar process is a promising technique that allows to ensure the positioning of dental implants in a rational prosthetic plane and to achieve optimum aesthetic effect due to its unique properties.

Motivation of students in prevention of oral diseases in patients

Saltykova E.N., Kuprina I.V., Selivanova A.A., Kiseleva E.A.

The relevance of the study is that practicing dentists can not persuasively urge a patient to use all the modern individual oral hygiene agents they need, because they do not use them themselves. Preventive point of view of dentists is not enough. A student who is demanding of himself and owns the formed skill of individual oral hygiene will be demanding for future patients.

The effectiveness of the air-abrasive method in teeth preparation

Sitdikova I.V.

The air-abrasive preparation of teeth shows the result similar to the diamond burs commonly using, moreover it prevents the smear layer formation and excludes subsequent acid etching. Thus airabrasive preparation could be recommended as an alternative method in treatment of carious and noncarious lesions.

Clinical investigation of inflammatory periodontal diseases prevalence in patients with diabetes mellitus

Tarasova E.K.

The clinical investigation proved higher prevalence of inflammatory periodontal diseases in patients with diabetes mellitus in comparison with those who had no endocrine diseases. It could be due to the major disease and demanded team approach of the dentists and endocrinologists in the field of prevention and treatment.

Analysis of the implementation of dentists’ recommendations by parents of preschool children during management of dental caries in temporary teeth

Terekhova T.N., Butvilovskij A.V.

A questioning of parents of preschool children having dental caries in temporary teeth has been performed. The study shows that refusal of night feeding is a significantly better performed recommendation comparing with refusal of sweet snacks, oral hygiene and application of chlorhexidine with calcium and phosphorus medicines.

Analysis of the frequency and prevalence of congenital maxillofacial malformations in children of the Volgograd region

Fomenko I.V., Kasatkina A.L., Timakov I.E., Melnikova D.V.

The article represents the data on the frequency and structure of congenital maxillofacial anomaly in children of the Volgograd region in 2010-2016. The obtained results are of clinical interest for the planning of complex multistage treatment of these patients.

Food and beverages with high erosive potential in 7-10-year-old children’s diet

Fomenko I.V., Kasatkina A.L., Timakov I.E., Melnikova D.V.

The study was organized in schools among 7-10-years-old children. The questioning of children revealed that many of them had increased risk of dental erosion due to daily consumption of oranges and other citrus, grapes and other sour fruits and berries, sour candies and juices. Less often dental erosion risk was connected with daily eating sour dressing, ketchup, mayonnaise, pickles and marinades, drinking carbonated beverages.

The influence of traumatic lesions of the oral mucosa on the quality of life

Khayrzamanova K.A., Averyanov S.V.

In the process of orthodontic treatment with fixed technique may appear complications such as injury of the oral mucosa. Traumatic injuries are often accompanied by severe pain syndrome, which leads to disruption of the quality of life. Was assessed dental quality of life using OHIP-14. Analysis of the data shows a direct dependence of the influence of the oral health in patients with traumatic injuries of the oral mucosa during orthodontic treatment on the quality of live.

Prevention of complications in the reconstruction of orbital floor fracture

Khomutinnikova N.E., Durnovo E.A., Vedyashov A.M.

The objective of this research was to study complications of orbital floor reconstruction by making analysis of early and late follow up treatment results of patients with orbital floor fractures. The experience in surgery of patients with zygomaticoorbital complex fractures was summarized. In most cases we obtained good and satisfactory results. Post-operative enophthalmos and implant displacement are noted to be the most adverse events in the late follow up period and they require re-surgery. Carefully planning is very important to avoid complications.

Quantitative evaluation of reserves to increase quality of prosthodontic care (on the example of measurement of the non-removable dentures use)

Chumayan A.D., Ivanov A.S., Khudonogov I.Yu.

The authors developed and implemented a methodology for strategic monitoring of the quality of prosthodontic care at the scale of a large municipal medical organization. Integrative evaluation of the service life of non-removable dentures was the basis of this technique. It allowed determining that a seventh part of patients actually reached the technologically sound life of nonremovable dentures (6-7 years). The remaining part of the repeated patient flow is a significant reserve for improving the quality of prosthodontic care.

The rationale for oral hygiene training and education in children with mixed occlusion

Shurupova N.N., Grishina A.V., Elbakidze A.Z., Kiseleva E.A.

The article dwells on the problem of creating special didactic textbooks - projective picture tests to provide pedagogical control of learning in class. The findings can be used to design individual programs for the prevention of oral diseases, to correct educational tasks for children with disabilities, in accordance with the objectives of inclusive education.

Oral health status of patients with thyroid disease living in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Yunusov R.R., Ghana T.I., Kamilov F.H., Averyanov S.V.

The endocrine system is a regulator of metabolic processes in the human body, it controls a number of functions, provides a coherent work of all organs and systems. The obtained results testify to the need to develop an algorithm for the dental prevention and treatment of patients living in the iodine deficiency region, taking into account the functional state of the thyroid gland.

3D image analysis with application to craniofacial malformations

DARVANN TRON A., Darvann Tron A.

3D Craniofacial image analysis is needed in many contexts where a 3-dimensional image has been acquired for diagnostics, treatment planning or outcome evaluation. Treatment of many types of craniofacial malformations use modalities like Computed Tomography, Cone Beam CT, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 3D ultrasound or cranial, facial or intra-oral surface scanning. Often it is of importance to quantify shape and asymmetry of organs in the images, and to quantify change taking place over time, e.g. due to growth or surgery. Being able to compare images is one of the core technologies of medical image analysis. The lecture will exemplify the use of these techniques in the contexts related to deformational plagiocephaly, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, unilateral coronal synostosis, Crouzon and Apert syndromes, cleft lip and palate, inner ear anatomy and tooth eruption.

Minimal invasive aesthetic dentistry and oral health sustainability

GREENWALL LINDA, Greenwall Linda

There are many new trends in minimal invasive aesthetic dentistry which can have benefit on oral health sustainability for patients. Oral health is key for patients of all ages. White spots, white marks and white flecks are common on anterior teeth. There is an increasing incidence of white marks on erupting teeth. Much of this is due to Molar incisor hypoplasia. There are new treatment strategies and protocols have been developed to treat this condition. With the introduction of resin infiltration to treat white spots on anterior teeth, there are many new treatment modalities to help patients. There are some simple strategies to provide therapeutic aesthetics for the patients to sustain their oral health. Patient groups who can benefit from this approach include the patients with high risk for caries, elderly, immunocompromised, medically compromised patients and those patients developing early root caries lesions.

Molar Incisor Hypomineralization as seen in a Scandinavian view

HERMANN NUNO VIBE, Hermann Nuno Vibe

Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH) is a frequent mineralization anomaly in the Scandinavian countries, as well as in many other populations throughout the world with a reported prevalence of about 20-25 % (reported prevalence are ranging from 2.4 to 40.2%). Differences in the reported prevalence may be caused by the use of different indices and criteria, examination variability, methods of recording and different age groups. The condition typically involves the permanent molars, incisors and cusp tops of the canines, and in severe cases also the primary molars may be affected. Hypersensitivity in the involved teeth as well as practical rehabilitation challenges, aesthetic and psycho-social related problems makes MIH is an important clinical problem that concerns both the pediatric and general dental care.

What we can achieve with remineralization in clinical practice?

MILETIC IVANA, Miletic Ivana

Modern way of treatment in dental practice is based on concept that demineralized, non-cavitated lesions can be “healed” using different treatment options. Even in deep lesions concept of remineralzation can be applied in order to preserve vitality of the tooth. The choice of material as well as procedures depends on multiple factors, which are influenced by the severity of the disease. Restorative treatment strategies in case of initial hard dental tissue demineralization include application of remineralizing agents with high concentration of fluoride based on CPP-ACP, infiltration of initial lesions ect. In case of deeper caries lesions materials based on glass-ionomer technology showed promising results in internal remineralization approach. To achieve long-term results in therapy of the patients focus today is primary on early identification and assessment of caries risk factors by using different caries risk assessment forms.

Sodium bicarbonate toothpastes for the treatment of gingivitis

PARKINSON CHARLES, Parkinson Charles

Gingivitis is reported to have a high prevalence worldwide, and is one of the most common forms of periodontal disease. While there are several etiological drivers for gingivitis, the most common factor is the build-up of dental plaque at the gingival margin resulting from inadequate control of supragingival plaque. Plaque induced gingivitis is a reversible condition that can be prevented with good oral hygiene. Prevention of gingivitis is typically focused on disruption of the plaque biofilm by professional dental prophylaxis, followed by regular toothbrushing with a toothpaste and cleaning between teeth. Sodium bicarbonate has historically been employed as an ingredient in dentifrices because of its mildly abrasive cleaning properties. Many laboratory and clinical studies have been performed since the 1980s evaluating the mechanism of action and gingival health benefits of sodium bicarbonate toothpastes.

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